the norm
is quality

'In every element of our work,
quality is the base and the goal of our actions

We call this NIMBLING'

Quality as a norm

If we want people to experience a NIMBL Recruitment Experience, to be a great IT Employer, we have to anchor quality in all elements of our companies’ fundament; the way we practice our work, the actions we take, the decisions we make.

as a code

Behaviour. If you break down the word says it all: by embracing the right attitude you can achieve both personal and shared goals. Meaning growth comes from respect.

NIMBL behaviour means
You operate from the desire to grow as a human being, to expand your mind, live from a place of curiosity, absence of judgement, take ownership. You always strive for the best and you believe life and its adventures, opportunites and lessons are limitless. 

Our values


Never stop developing yourself and your knowledge, be curious, self-aware, help each other, have dreams, ambitions, purpose, be relevant, learn from your mistakes, ask questions. 


Keep going, want to win, strive for the best, take ownership, initiative, challenge, be creatieve, think in solutions. 


Enjoy the proces, have a positive mindset and attitude, build strong relations, be energetic, be aware of- and keep the balance.


Be integer, deliver quality, be honest, empathic, focus on connection, be aware of the person behind the profile or the opportunity, think long term and sustainable, create a safe space for everybody to thrive in.